Japanese store fights PS5 scalpers by writing their name on the box

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Japanese retailer Nojima Denki is punching back at PS5 scalpers by writing the full names of any PS5 buyers on the box of their new console. 

Twitter user Aevanko, better known as the Monster Hunter YouTuber Gaijin Hunter, translated a tweet from Japanese user Kaz_kun which recently went somewhat viral among Japanese Twitter users. Nojima Denki "will write your full name on the box at time of purchase, and open/dispose of the [DualSense] controller box as well," Gaijin Hunter explained. 

In a reply to their original tweet, Kaz_kun clarified (according to Twitter's built-in Google Translate tool) that "it seems that the name is written [with] both felt-tip pens and ballpoint pens." In other words, once your name is written on that PS5 box, the grooves from the pen will remain even if you erase the ink itself, meaning your name will still be visible. This wouldn't be an issue if you just want to buy a PS5 for yourself, or even a friend or family member, so it's kind of like a blacklight tattoo that only matters if you're a scalper. 

Thanks to these measures, any would-be resellers will have any PS5 they purchase from Nojima Denki permanently branded with their real name, which would presumably be verified via ID at the store. Even the most dogged resellers probably aren't keen on circulating their identity, especially now that scalpers have become so universally disliked amidst countless product shortages, so this is a pretty effective deterrent. It's definitely a more personal solution than per-customer purchase limits, which scalpers have repeatedly evaded using duplicate accounts, bots, and other nefarious means. 

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