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Japan: PSP outsells all consoles combined

The PSP last week sold more units than 360, PS3, Wii and DS combined in Japan.

The Japanese, who were last year snapping up DS units like they were essential life support machines, grabbed an astonishing 129,986 PSPs off shelves in the week ending March 30.

That's more than double that of the previous week, and more than the total sales of all the other current-gen consoles, including DS, which only managed 58,916.

Next down on the list was Wii, with 48,785 sales, then PS3 with 11,206 and the typically trailing 1547 unit sales of 360, according to Media Create figures.

Only seven of the top 50 games sold in Japan in that week were PSP though, so it's not a fuss over the games - it must be the weather.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 7, 2008