James Mangold discusses gory new additions & Easter Eggs on The Wolverine Blu-ray

Wolverine director James Mangold has been talking about the new, uncut version of The Wolverine , which is out on Blu-ray 3D now .

For those who felt that some of the film’s sequences seemed edited-down and were lacking in gore (both criticisms we levelled at the film in our spoiler-filled analysis, see below), Mangold’s new cut seems to address those issues.

“There’s a lot of little pieces, little things I love, little things I’m glad to have back,” the director says of the uncut version, which adds in more blood and character beats, plus significantly extends the ninja attack sequence.

“The action’s fun to have back, but for me as a filmmaker, it’s more than that,” Mangold says.

“There’s a sequence when [ Wolverine’s ] on the rooftop at the Love Hotel – where he gets attacked by these guys – that we had a great deal of question whether we should do or not.

“It was partly a ratings issue and partly whether it was too much. I think we went back and forth, but I’m glad to see it in, because I think it looks really cool. It’s a cool sequence.”

Not only that, but there's going to be a very special Deleted Scene featuring one of the character's classic comic book costumes that have alluded the cinematic series for so long, and an appearance from his infamous cigar chomping habits, too.

And as for our criticisms (again, below) that it suffered from an uninteresting and lacklustre love interest? Well, it seems a much more interesting version of the character was cut out of the cinematic release too...

"One of the things in the movie -- not many people have brought it up, but it’s definitely been there – is this is a movie about Logan being saved by women, particularly, a lot, and I like that."

Check out our spoiler-filled analysis of the theatrical cut of The Wolverine below:

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