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Jake Gyllenhaal unravels in new trailer for Demolition

The first trailer has appeared online for Dallas Buyers Club director Jean-Marc Vallée’s new film, Demolition, in which Jake Ggyllenhaal’s high-flying investment banker begins to fall apart following the death of his wife.

Such a traumatic event forces Gyllenhaal to reassess the priorities of his life, leading him to step out of the shadow of Chris Cooper’s circumspect father-in-law and start to rebuild his life from the ground up. It looks quite uplifting, in a morbid sort of way.

Check out the new trailer below.

The tone of this one seems to float somewhere between drama and comedy, with Gyllenhaal looking to have turned in another magnetic central performance. The message at the film’s heart is an unusual one, but from what we’ve seen so far, Vallée seems to have made it work. Co-starring Naomi Watts, Heather Lind and Polly Draper, Demolition will open in the US on April 8 2016, with a UK date to be confirmed.

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George Wales
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