Jagged Alliance 2 Cheats

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    Submitted by Andy "ND" Chorosinski

Jagged Alliance 2 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Enable Cheats

    To use the following codes while HOLDING Down [Ctrl] type iguana to enable the cheat mode. Alternate for version 1.06+ is to hold [Ctrl] and type in GABBI
    Code Action Code
    Display units and objects [Alt] + E
    Teleport selected Merc to pointer location [Alt] + T
    Kill all enemies in current sector [Alt] + O
    Refresh action points of the select Merc [Alt] + D
    Ammo refill [Alt] + R
    Item scrolling(select item in detail view) [Alt] + W
    Spawn enemy at pointer location [Alt] + B
    Spawn Civilist at pointer location [Alt] + C
    Spawn new Merc at pointer location [Alt] + G
    Spawn Roboter at pointer location [Alt] + Y
    Spawn enemy bug at pointer location [Ctrl] + O
    Merc transforms into bug [Alt] + [Keypad 2]
    Merc transformed into big bug [Alt] + [Keypad 5]
    Merc placed in wheelchair [Alt] + [Keypad 4]
    Spawn random weapon at pointer location [Alt] + I
    Explode a gas grenade at pointer location [Alt] + K
    Explode a hand grenade at pointer location [Ctrl] + K
    View interior of all buildings [Alt] + Q
    All Mercs in current sector arrested by Bad Queen [Ctrl] + T
    Merc at pointer location loses health points [Ctrl] + H
    Merc at pointer location gains health points [Ctrl] + U
    Display frame rate [Ctrl] + F
    Merc Changes to Tank [Alt] + [Keypad 1]
    Teleport troops to Selected sector (use at map screen) [Ctrl] + T
    Add $100,000 (use at laptop screen) [Plus]
    Subtract $10,000 (use at laptop screen) [Minus]
    Kill all enemies (use at map screen) Hold [Alt] and click "Go to Sector" icon

  • PC | Submitted by Dom Noll

    Infinite Money

    Ok, first enable cheat mode(hold ctrl and type GABBI). Then when you play the game up to Estoni(the gas-station/junk yard), get a gun that uses ammo that really expensive. Then, click on the character with the gun /w expencive ammo, take out the ammo, and push alt+R to reload it. Take out the ammo, and alt+R, keep doing this. Then when you get full of ammo, sell it to Jake and get money. Rinse and repeat until you get as much money as you need.