Jaden Smith is the new Karate Kid

Jaden Smith, the 10-year-old son of Will, has nabbed the role in the remake of 1984’s The Karate Kid.

Variety reports that the new film will shift the movie’s locale from the US to Beijing and other cities abroad.

But the plot, written by Chris Murphy, will stay roughly the same and follow a lad who learns to overcome bullies thanks to a quirky mentor.

Ralph Macchio and Hilary Swank

It doesn’t hurt that his dad – who he acted alongside in The Pursuit Of Happyness – is producing this new take on the tale. But while the younger Smith is apparently a martial arts fanatic, he needs to beware the dangers of the part.

The original film (and two of its sequels) helped propel Ralph Macchio to brief – and cult – stardom, while The New Karate Kid launched Hilary Swank’s still-healthy career. Guess which one Jaden will be hoping to emulate?