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Jackass 3D trailer released

Jackass 3D

Johnny Knoxville and the gang are back for the third instalment of the Jackass movie series... this time in 3D.

By the looks of things in the trailer expect the same ball-crunching and face-slapping stunts we’ve grown accustomed to over the years, with very little in the way of a ‘plot-line’, but when has that ever mattered with Jackass?

Check out the trailer below...

With a larger budget than the previous films, many of the stunts seem to be bigger and more painful for the Jackass boys, who are surely still suffering from the effects of the first two films and the successful television series.

No doubt the paycheques they'll get from this will go someway to relieving the pain, or at least afford them a better brand of painkiller.

Jackass 3D hits cinemas in October.

Are you ready for Preston Lacey in three glorious dimensions? Leave a comment...