The stunts we just mentioned are broken down into five sub-goals, like guide your trash can under two trucks, run over five golf course attendants, etc. In addition, there are different types of smaller stunts that are more of the one-off variety, like the Party Boy Dance Dance Revolution-style minigame or "Whac-a-Wee Man."

One of the coolest features of the game is the ability to record your stunts, mix them together in your own episode, and upload them to the official website. Fellow jackasses will be able to watch your show, rate it, and even show you up by downloading your work and re-mixing it. Of course, we should mention this community aspect is only available with the PSP version. You can still record your stunts on the PS2 version, but the “community”will be limited to grandma catching a glimpse of the TV as she strolls into the kitchen for something to drink.