It's just like in The Movies

Publisher Activision has unveiled a new set of screens of The Movies - Peter Molyneux's hugely ambitious show business simulator. And with its 11 November release date drawing near we'll soon be able to see just how and if it will actually work.

The game puts you in control of a movie studio in the early days of silent flicks, which you must keep successful all the way into the present day. But this is no ordinary management sim as The Movies also allows you to make your own motion pictures.

Fable creator Molyneux's vision was to create a game where you could write, design and direct a film from scratch, so it will be interesting to see whether his Lionhead team has been able to make this work.

We'll have a review soon but, to keep you busy until then, here are some new pics that feature the building capabilities in the game.

The Movies will be released for PC on 11 November