It's Doom 2099 vs. Ultron in Savage Avengers #8

Savage Avengers #8 art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The core Avengers team is currently wrapped up in the 'Avengers Assemble' crossover along with the Multiversal Avengers Forever team. But over in sister title Savage Avengers, a time-tossed team of hardcore heroes is fighting against an entire Ultron army while trying to get home from the year 2099.

Got all that?

Good. Cause a new preview of interior pages from Savage Avengers #8 by writer David Pepose, artists Carlos Magno and Espen Grundetjern, and letterer Travis Lanham takes the action up another notch, escalating the conflict to bring in Doom 2099 in a showdown between the future counterpart of the Latverian monarch and Ultron himself.

As the Savage Avengers - including an alt-future Miles Morales, who has been resurrected as a Deathlok - fight Ultron's army of other, still mind controlled Deathloks, Doom seems to enact a somewhat bizarre plan to fend off an army of killer cyborgs and most deadly android in existence: he turns on a music box.

Here's the preview of interior pages:

Savage Avengers started out as a title bringing together Conan - as in Conan the Barbarian - and the Avengers. Conan departed the title after the first arc of the current volume of Savage Avengers (because Marvel no longer has the publishing license for new content starring the well-known character), with the remaining team then jumping way ahead in time to a dystopian version of 2099.

Now teamed up with Punisher 2099, the Savage Avengers are facing off Ultron's entire AI army, who aim to conquer all reality.

Savage Avengers #8 goes on sale December 14.

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