Is Star Wars ruining SoulCalibur?

Unnecessary cross-promotion

Let’s flash back to Soul Calibur II - the last time the series had character-specific ports (part III was a PS2 exclusive). Zelda’s Link adorned GameCubes, Tekken’s Heihachi graced PS2s and Spawn’s Spawn brooded on Xboxes. Neither of those character additions took away from the fact that you were playing Soul Calibur - they were more like added bonuses for your favorite system.

Above: Unnecessary

However, each new trailer for part IV salutes the fact that Vader and Yoda – now officially a fraction of SCIV’s cast - are an integral part to the SC experience. And now that Starkiller… wait, who the hell is Starkiller? Oh! It’s just another dude with a lightsaber whose game (read:Force Unleashed)won’t hit shelves until two months after SCIV ships. But even with platform specific characters, that’s still two SW guys per version.


Then again, Spawn didn’t hurt SCII and he’s all kinds of ‘whatever,’ so maybe this whole thing ain’t that bad. It surely won’t hurt sales. But then again…