Is Star Wars ruining SoulCalibur?

The Force is gimped

If you look really close during one of SCIV’s trailers, you can clearly see Vader Force choking a competitor. We suspect that shortly after Vader knocks a sliver of health off someone’s life bar, he chucks them to the side. Who put magic in this game and why introduce the Force if it’s hardly being used? Shouldn’t Vader Force Crush Ivy’s internal organs and make her bleed out of her face like an ebola monkey? Why can’t Starkiller just Force Push Voldo off the stage for an easy ring out? Even then, SC fighters rely on skill, cunning and brute strength - not a silly midi-Chlorian count.

Above: Actual gameplay. See if you can spot Yoda

We know this is just nitpicking because finely tuning a fighter’s balance is the most important aspect of gameplay, but at this point we wonder why they even bothered with Star Wars characters at all. Which leads us to…