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Iron Man and Tropic Thunder seen!

First it was The Dark Knight, which got peeped in a Latin American screening. Now Iron Man has travelled to Mexico (in the company of director Jon Favreau and star Robert Downey Jr), and the response seems to be overwhelmingly positive. got hold of a report from Hoycinema and helpfully translated it. According to the report, it’s “very well done, it is very entertaining and with a very good story, and it is well supported with excellent special effects.” So now you know.

Also getting a little early screening action was Tropic Thunder, which hit New York thanks to director Ben Stiller. He screened it for his dad and Philip Seymour Hoffman among others, and, figuring a little word of mouth couldn’t hurt, DreamWorks invited members of the public along for the ride. Again, this is only one person’s opinion, but it’s great. We’re not very shocked. JoBlo has the full report .