Iris West and Linda Park take on the Dark Army in Dark Crisis: War Zone preview

Dark Crisis: War Zone #1 art
Dark Crisis: War Zone #1 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The battle for the soul of the DCU is upon us. The Great Darkness and its Dark Army lay siege to Earth-Prime, and DC's heroes across multiverses will have to fight to save all of reality from its totalitarian reign. 

Dark Crisis: War Zone #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Dark Crisis: War Zone is an oversized anthology one-shot showcasing some of the individual battles in the war for DC's reservoir of realities. The comic is made up of five action-packed tales created by a host of DC talent and featuring some fan favorites. For example, the first story sees Linda Park and Iris West up against the footsoldiers of the Dark Army.

Scroll down to check out the preview pages below, which also includes two variant covers, the first by Mario Fox Foccillo and Prasad Rao, and the second by Dan Jurgens.

The first story, titled ‘On Time,’ is written by Flash scribe Jeremy Adams, drawn by Fernando Pasarin, inked by Matt Ryan, colored by Matt Herms, and lettered by Troy Peteri. It sees Iris West reporting the clash of heroes and villains in front of the Hall of Justice. Things start to go south, then Iris is saved by a speedster she recognizes as her sister-in-law, Linda Park. 

Iris was unaware of Linda's powers (follow the current Flash run to find out more), so her rescue is surprising in more ways than one. Realizing that there are more people around to save than errant reporters, Iris uses a code she learned from Barry to get into the Hall of Justice's advanced armory. “Let's. Go. Shopping,” she tells Linda. 

The four other stories in Dark Crisis: War Zone are, in order of appearance:

  • 'Just When I Thought I was Out,' featuring the Spectre, written by Frank Tieri, drawn by Serg Acuña, colored by Herms, and lettered by Peteri
  • 'Amazon Helping Hand,' featuring the Amazons, written by Stephanie Williams, drawn by Caitlin Yarsky, colored by Peter Pantazis, and lettered by Peteri
  • 'Make Our Confessions long 'Cuz When We Pray We Keep It Short,' featuring the Green Lantern Corps, written by Matthew Rosenberg, drawn by George Kambadais, colored by Herms and lettered by Peteri
  • 'Birds of a Feather,
  •  featuring Red and Black Canary, written by Delilah S. Dawson, drawn by Tom Derenik, colored by Herms, and lettered by Peteri

The comic is on sale December 6.

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