iPhone game of the day: Truckers Delight: Episode One

Game: Truckers Delight: Episode 1
Price: $0.99
Size: 9.7MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store: US/UK

Doubtless most of you are aware of the original music video "Truckers Delight" by Flair (if not, watch the NSFW vidhere), a charmingly lowbrow presentation about a perverse truck driver and the well-endowed female who he is chasing for his own personal gratification. The video itself was littered with videogame references, so it only made sense that a videogame version would arrive.

Truckers Delight: Episode One features the opening section of the vid, with trucker Jack pursuing Alpha Chick along a desert highway. The gameplay's checkpoint-based vehicular time attack dynamic is based on OutRun, with tilt-based steering and a variety of power-ups.

Power-ups include speed boosts, bull horns that bulldoze fellow vehicles that get in the way, and of course, Jack's extending tongue that is used to lick the clothes off of girls for bonus points. Like OutRun, Truckers Delight isn't forgiving on the time limit front, so avoiding oncoming traffic, bikers and cops in order to reach each checkpoint is essential.

It's a short game, but it's challenging and easy to play, with that great soundtrack and plenty of humorous visuals to keep things interesting. Now reduced in price to $0.99, it's well worth snapping up.

Sep 21, 2010