iPhone Game of the Day: Texting of the Bread

Game: Texting of the Bread
Price: $1.99 / £1.19
Size: 16.3MB
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We've got much love for the boys at ScrewAttack, so we were quite excited to learn they were working on a game. That game is Texting of the Bread, a suitably silly littleshooter which takes the type-to-kill gameplay of the campy classic Typing of the Dead and adds ... cookies. Fair enough.

If you've ever played publisher Sega's wordy House of the Dead spin-off, you'll know what to expect from this thumb-stretching little romp. Hordes of zombies march their steady way toward the player's position, and they can only be put down by exposure to their biggest weakness - an adequate ability to read and write.

Each gingerbread zombie (didn't we mention that bit?) comes with his own word, which must be typed into the virtual keyboard as quickly as possible in order to deliver swift justice. As each letter of the word is typed, another bullet is sent into the doughy flesh of the enemy until it lies broken and defeated.

With a variety of enemies, the ability to drown foes in milk, and loads of silly internet references, Texting of the Bread is loads of fun and well worth downloading. You'll likely find it very hard to put down.

Above: Drink it in.

Sept 28, 2010