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iPhone game of the day: Buck and the Coin of Destiny

Game:Buck and the Coin of Destiny
Price: $0.99
Size: 48.8MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store: US/UK

GameStop is a clever beast. It decided it was time to make a game based on that annoying rabbit in its adverts, but cleverly it put the game on the iPhone so it doesn't have to sell used copies of its own creation. Those fiends!

As stated, Buck and the Coin of Destiny is based on those GameStop commercials featuring a fictional videogame rabbit. Unlike those commercials, Buck isn't a straight platformer, instead taking the form of a "runner" game tends to be quite popular on iTunes.

Each of the game's levels is full of traps, pitfalls, enemies and collectable coins. Buck himself runs automatically and the player makes him jump by tapping the screen. Some of the game's jumps are deceptively reliant on good timing, especially if you want to grab items while avoiding a row of nasty spikes.

There are most certainly better "runner" games on the iPhone -- Monster Dash springs instantly to mind -- but Buck and the Coin of Destiny is surprisingly not as crap as it could've been. In fact, it's somewhat decent. Check it out if you really, really liked that bloody rabbit.

Oct 26, 2010