iPhone apps for anime fans

Girl’s Break

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Mew Mew Tower

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Happy cats, grumpy cats, fancy cats, and fat cats: Mew Mew Tower has them all. Stack cuddly felines on top of each other to build the tallest tower of kitties the world has ever seen. You can tilt your iPhone to the side to help prevent your carefully constructed tower from collapsing into a mound of fur balls. But tilt too much, and you’ll send all your precariously placed cats to their doom.

Cutie Scratch - Sakura -

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If we tried to tell you about Cutie Scratch - Sakura - ourselves, we might not be able to do the game justice. So we’ll just quote the official description of this application on the App Store.

“Beware for too much Scrubbing!? World 1st Scrub Game for Girl”Sakura” version is starting right now and will become new addictions for all of you! If you scrub monitor cover, you can see the background pictures. All are cute girl images. Curious? Scrub and try to find out!!!

While you avoid obstructive enemies, use the showing items. You will clear the game if you can scrub all completely before time limit! Increase Combo numbers, aim high score without separating your finger from the screen!”

Above: If you beware for too much Scrubbing, you might want to check out Cutie Scratch - Kasumi - for even more new addictions for you!


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Originally released for the Sega CD in 1994, Vay is a typical fantasy RPG. Like titles from the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, Vay has you battling monsters, earning XP, and leveling up your party as you quest on to save the world. JRPGs fans looking for a bit of old school adventuring won’t be disappointed with the iPhone remake of this game. $4.99 is definitely a fair price to pay for this classic RPG.


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Gift is a gigantic dating sim that weighs in at a whopping 423 MB. If you can wait long enough to download this monster and manage to understand what the hell is going on, you win.

Anime Wallpapers


ThemeMyPhone is a great source for anime-themed wallpapers. Here are some of our favorites, but there are over 200 more if you follow the link above.

Above: Ikki Tousen

Above: Samurai Champloo

Above: Naruto