First look - Invincible Undeluxe #1 begins the Invincible 20th-anniversary celebration

Invincible Undeluxe #1 art
Invincible Undeluxe #1 art (Image credit: Skybound Entertainment)

Invincible is 20 years old in 2023. 

Yes, we're all that old. 

Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker's Invincible #1 debuted on January 22, 2003, so next year Skybound Entertainment will kick off a year-long 20th-anniversary celebration of what Skybound calls the "most successful new superhero franchise of the century."

20 years of Invincible (Image credit: Skybound Entertainment)

Joined by Ryan Ottley shortly after its debut, Kirkman and Walker's Invincible ran for 15 years over 144 issues and led to multiple spinoff series and an animated Amazon Prime streaming series that has a second season in production.

According to Skybound, new comic book projects set in the Invincible world of teenage superhero Mark Grayson will also be announced.

"Wow, twenty years! I can't believe it," says Kirkman in Skybound's announcement of the 20th-anniversary celebration. "Invincible is something that Cory, Ryan, and I have devoted a large portion of our lives to. Now that it's being discovered by an infinitely larger audience it's really great to see it live on in so many different forms. It's so gratifying to know that people will be falling in love with Invincible for years to come."

"I'm not one to usually get excited, but 2023 is going to be the biggest year for Invincible yet, with so many crazy and unexpected things on the way!" adds Walker. "I'd say Invincible fans should get ready but there's really nothing you can do to prepare for all that awesome that's coming."

Invincible #1 facsimile edition (Image credit: Skybound Entertainment)

What Skybound calls the "20th Anniversary drops" begin on Wednesday,  January 25, 2023 with a new facsimile edition reprinting Invincible #1.

That will be joined by Invincible Undeluxe #1, a one-shot reprint of the first issue in black and white that will also feature an installment of "The Cutting Room Floor," featuring Kirkman's original handwritten plot and commentary, along with an "array" of variant covers.

Skybound warns/promises the Invincible Undeluxe #1 will not be collected "any time soon!"

Here's a first look at Invincible Undeluxe #1.

Also on sale January 25 is Invincible Compendium Vol.1 is a new hardcover collecting issues #0-47  and will be available exclusively to comic shops in honor of their support for the series,

Later, in Summer 20023, Invincible Vol.1 (new edition) collects the Invincible comic book series from the beginning in a new 6"x9" graphic novel format with new covers from Walker and Dave McCaig. 

Then Invincible Universe Compendium collects Invincible Presents: Atom Eve #1-2, Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode #1-3, Guarding the Globe (Vol 1) #1-6, Guarding the Globe (Vol. 2) #1-6, and Invincible Universe #1-12 in a new format.

Skybound promised new Invincible products featuring apparel, collectibles, tabletop games, video games, and more in 2023.

"There are few comic books I love more than Invincible, and I'll always remember Robert walking into my office, telling me that the series was ending," says Skybound SVP/publisher Sean Mackiewicz.

"Now, all these years later, the Invincible fanbase is stronger than ever, and we're celebrating this anniversary across every division of Skybound to ensure that fans can experience the thrill of Mark, Nolan, Eve, and the whole Invincible Universe in ways they never imagined. Is this where I say my favorite character is Battle Beast?"

Check out covers to all the announced Invincible 20th-anniversary titles:

The world of Invincible is set in the Image Comics Universe, the best non-Marvel/DC superhero universe of all time. 

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