Introducing FileRadar

We got to thinking about this videogames stuff - we do that sometimes - and in the process, we stumbled upon a great idea for a new file-download website. But the thing is, we need your help.

It's called FileRadar (located conveniently (opens in new tab), or at the handy, "Downloads" tab we popped up at the topevery page) and what makes it different is the fact that it's entirely driven by you and not pompous know-it-all journalists like, well, us. Users submit files and, if you like them, you give 'em a "blip" - sort of a thumbs-up. The more blips, the higher its ranking.Works for demos, mods and even patches.

Remember, (opens in new tab). Since we just got this thing started, the selection isn't yet as vast as the open sea, but that just means you've got the perfect chance to show off your vast wealth of knowledge to everyone out there. Submit and blip files you think are great, comment on ones you think suck, and just generally make the world as we know it a better place.

September 10, 2007