Mystique holds the smoking gun in X-Men's potential downfall in Inferno #2 first look

Inferno #2 variant cover
Inferno #2 variant cover (Image credit: David Nakayama (Marvel Comics))

The modern X-Men age could be burnt down in the pages of the current event Inferno if Mystique has her way. According to Marvel's description of October 27's Inferno #2, readers will begin to "feel the fire" with that issue, following Inferno #1.

Inferno #2 variant cover (Image credit: Jerome Opena (Marvel Comics))

Seemingly standing in the brink of that is the icy White Queen, Emma Frost - who is featured on two Inferno #2 variant covers by David Nakayama.

She'lljoin what is proving to be an ensemble cast of all the key X-Men players, including the mysterious Moira McTaggart - the long-time X-Men associate who was revealed in House of X to be a mutant with the power of reincarnation, and has been using it to secretly affect mutantkind's path through various timelines.

Those secrets - and the uncovering of them - seem to be at the heart of the Inferno series, which is also doubling as X-Men lead writer Jonathan Hickman's departure from the franchise.

Inferno #2 is drawn by Stefano Caselli, who not only drew Hickman's first major Marvel series (Secret Warriors), but has become a versatile artist in his X-Men era, drawing not only Marauders, but also issues of SWORD and Excalibur.

Powers of X artist RB Silva is set to draw Inferno #3, with Inferno #1 artist Valerio Schiti returning to draw the finale, Inferno #4.

Inferno #2's main cover is drawn by Jerome Opena. Marvel is publishing Inferno #2 variant covers by Jeff Dekal, Joe Jusko (a 'Marvel Masterpieces' card reused), Oscar Vega, David Aja, Peach Momoko, and David Nakayama (two versions, both Unknown Comics exclusive). Check them all out here:

Inferno #2 (of 4) goes on sale on October 27. A collection of all four Inferno issues is scheduled for February 22, 2022.

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