InFamous 2 Blast Shard and Dead Drops Map guide

InFamous 2, like its predecessor, makes the most of its open world sandbox, giving you plenty of buildings to climb, stuff to blow up and collectibles to collect. We've got both the energy boosting Blast Shards and the PETA unfriendly Dead Drops right here for your perusal. Both of the collectibles have been neatly mapped out, giving you exact locations of all the shiny shards and doomed pigeons. Enjoy!

Note: Click the maps for larger versions!

Blast Shards

Blast Shard addiction is a serious problem. The “just one more” philosophy can lead to failed missions, extreme procrastination, and sleep deprivation. There’s only one cure - collect every last one of the 305 blast shards scattered around New Marais. To make it easy on yourself, you can unlock a power that shows any remaining blast shards on the mini-map whenever you use radar pulse (even if they’re far away), but you need to completea whopping 60 side missions first. Alternatively, just use our map.

Note that while blast shards you obtain from side missions or by means other than simply finding them (such as disarming blast shard bombs and stopping runners) will increase your energy, they won’t count towards the 305 required for the trophy. You can check your count by looking at your save file.

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Dead Drops

While playing as Cole MacGrath in Infamous 2, you will electrocute, drown, burn, crush, and explode a countless number of humans - probably without thinking twice. Yet somehow the morality alarm starts going off whenever you need to blast a pigeon out of the sky in order to claim its dead drop recording. Well boys and girls, you need to put aside your love of cute, innocent animals and drop those winged rats like any big-city dweller would want you to.

Above: Dodge those bombs Cole!

These carrier pigeons are always airborne, but they remain confined inside a small, pre-established perimeter. You can use your radar pulse to locate them on your minimap if you’re close enough, then it’s just a matter of looking up (or down if you’re up high enough).

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June 16, 2011