Inevitable StarCraft II WoW mod is surprisingly pretty

Are you addicted to World of Warcraft? So addicted, in fact, that you need to play World of Warcraft even when playing other games? Then we have good news for you...

Glomby, who describes himself as a “total noob when it comes to modding,” has created a beautiful rendition of World of Warcraft using the mod tools in StarCraft II. The project is still in its infancy, but some impressive feats of modding wizardry- such as the inclusion of a dungeon complete with flowing lava and glowing crystals- have already been accomplished. The mod also includes eagles, wolves and some strange alien bears.

Of course, the mod is still a long ways from being even a partial recreation of World of Warcraft. Only one player character, a female Draneni, has been included so far. There are no combat or leveling systems yetimplemented either, a fact that will surely inspire terror in the soul of every WoW veteran.

But let’s not dwell on what the mod lacks. Glomby’s mod is an impressive example of what can be accomplished with the StarCraftII mod tools. Other modders are have alreadycrafted RPG combat systems, so it seems only a matter of time before a mod team starts a full-fledged RPG using the engine.

Aug 31, 2010

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