Indiana Jones IV title announced!

We’ve been waiting long enough, with teases from the Spielbeard, spoiler-baiting lists of titles registered by Lucasfilm and promises at Comic Con that we’d find out soon what the real name of Indiana Jones IV is.

Well, now the feline has well and truly left the shopping storage receptacle as co-star Shia LaBeouf gave the game away at this year’s MTV music awards. So wait no longer as you read the full title: Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. It's nice to see Lucasfilm listening to us for once.

But hold on… They waited until the title was announced on a channel owned by Viacom, which also happens to be the parent company for Indy co-producers Paramount. We smell corporate synergy at work! Still, it’s good to have the thing out in the open at bleedin’ last.

The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull stars Cate Blanchett, Ray Winstone, Karen Allen, John Hurt and some newcomer named Harrison Ford, and will start earning billions at the box office on May 22 next year. Let the flame wars about the title’s suitability begin!

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