Indiana Jones 5's de-aged Indy has the internet stunned

The Indiana Jones 5 trailer is packed with action and adventure – but everyone is talking about the de-aging that makes Harrison Ford's Indy look decades younger. Instead of casting a younger actor for what are presumably flashbacks (unless that time travel theory is correct, of course), VFX wizardry has instead worked its magic on Ford to turn back the clock: and the internet is very impressed. 

"Wow astounding indeed!!" is one person's verdict (opens in new tab), while another stunned viewer (opens in new tab) says: "I can't believe how good this looks"

"It's never gonna look perfect but this is INSANE," says someone else (opens in new tab), and another fan (opens in new tab) is just as impressed: "I was shook at this part." Other people are liking the look of the de-aging, but still have some reservations. "Genuinely, that looks fantastic. Hope it looks as convincing in motion," says this person (opens in new tab), while another says (opens in new tab): "Impressed, the second shot is definitely [not] as good but I'm interested to see what it looks like outside a few shots from the trailer."

"It's only a still, and I can see a few small artifacts, but I gotta admit, this looks pretty damn incredible," agrees another fan (opens in new tab). "But if you're gonna de-age Harrison Ford, you're going to throw every penny you can at it. No half measures with Indiana Jones."

"I thought this was from the original trilogy, until a shot later which I knew couldn't be. Genuinely impressive," is another person's thoughts (opens in new tab)

This viewer (opens in new tab) also has high praise: "Digital de-aging might have just hit a new benchmark. Nothing about this, still OR in motion, twigged anything subconsciously in my brain that would make this feel fake. This reads 100% real in a way no other de-aged face has."

Indiana Jones 5 will hit theaters on June 30, 2023. In the meantime, check out our guide to all the upcoming major movie release dates for everything else coming soon. 

Molly Edwards
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