Indiana Jones 2007 - the movie

Indiana Jones 2007(MOV, 76.5MB) - right-click to download

Friday 12 May 2006
We've already brought you the first screens of what LucasArts is now calling Indiana Jones 2007, but now you can seem them all joined together, plus a few more, to form the first footage of Dr Jones.

So pull up your favourite brand of monkey brains and download the trailer above. Remember to wash your hands, though, before you right-click on the link.

And for those of you more interested in current-gen technology, LucasArts has confirmed that there will be another Indiana Jones title released in 2007 on PS2, PSP and DS although it has chosen not to say any more on the subject, except that it intends to use a development team beyond George's own boys to create the game. We'll bring you more news on that and Indy 2007 as soon as possible.