Incoming games for your Wii and DS

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

It's back into the deepest pits of development for Metroid Prime 3. With the release date postponed indefinitely, Retro Studios have time on their side in the quest to perfect the first-person Metroid experience on Wii.

The last time we remember this happening was when the original Metroid Prime was met with disapproval from Nintendo's Japanese overlords. The result was a long delay, plenty of reworking and, ultimately, a game that many rate as the best thing on GameCube.

So don't be dismayed. Besides, there's always a slim chance the game might reappear later in the year, and if it doesn't then it's because they're busy cramming that disc with awesome.

Alternatively, could it be that the single-player game is all but complete, and the reason they're taking their sweet time is to allow Nintendo's online infrastructure to catch up with their ambitions for a multiplayer mode? We don't think you should hold your breath.

Dewy's Adventure

Dewy's Adventure really does look the business, and we're expecting great things from it. You play a water droplet - the last water droplet in a dried-up world - squeezed from the parched xylem of the dying Elder Tree. As such, you're a fairly magic sort of droplet, endowed with the power to turn into steam or ice, and to influence the elements by summoning earthquakes and gusts of wind.

It's controlled via the remote only, which you hold and tilt to make Dewy slide around the levels like a bloba la Mercury Meltdown. But it's definitely more of a platform adventure than Meltdown, featuring expansive worlds, bosses and environmental hazards that call upon your full range of freezy, boily and other skills.

Like Elebits, it'll also feature an editor in which you can completely rearrange the levels using whatever custom bits you've unlocked in the adventure mode, and trade them online with other players.