Incoming games for your Wii and DS

Kururin Donuts

Guide your rolling donut through food-themed levels to earn delicious dessert recipes based on the characters you meet during your sugar-coated adventures? Bring it on. Different types of donuts are better able to traverse different types of environment - glazed donuts are good for sticking to walls while the peanut-studded type has superior grip in slippery conditions. The recipes look tricky. One shows how to make a translucent monster with beady eyes, suspended in just the right points in jelly-space. You can see its brain-like weak spot towards the top part.

Dragon Quest Swords

The hacking, slashing and shielding action will make Dragon Quest Swords another addition to the Wii's roster of calorie-burning titles, although since you only use the remote for this one, you'll have to learn to be ambidextrous and switch the controller from hand to hand, or risk building a lone Popeye-like forearm.

At its most basic, you simply slash across the screen to take down groups of Slimes that, very obligingly, line up in straight formations. As things get more involving, you'll have to parry attacks from all over the screen, using a semi-transparent shield, and deliver swift counters while your enemies are off balance.

Magic attacks can be summoned whenever you've amassed sufficient power, but don't expect to be pressing one button, then sitting back to admire the pyrotechnics. You have to twirl the remote as enthusiastically as possible to build up some energy before releasing it in the general direction of your foes. By the time you've done a few of those, you'll probably be way too busy shaking the lactic acid out of your arm muscles to notice the beautiful graphics.