Important PSA: how not to break your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in the first five minutes

So all the Nintendo Switch stuff is happening right now, but among the talk of the console, games and other important bits and pieces, we've noticed a potentially tricky thing that could ruin the fun very quickly if you're not careful. 

While the Joy Con controllers can be used on their own, they come with an attachable strap that clicks on via a plastic saddle. 

That bit's (almost) easy. It just slides on and clicks into place, letting you wear the strap and prevent any controller flinging disasters. 

The main problems start when you try to take these bits apart. It's surprisingly fiddly and several times they've separated with a horrible noise and the sense that we've done something permanent. 

There's a few issues if you're not careful: for example the strap can slide on either way, meaning if you don't match the + and - symbols correctly it'll click into place the wrong way around and not be flush with the controller. 

If you do get it right you'll still have to take care. The lock button is grey and hard to miss, but locks in the direction you push to remove the strap, which can cause problems - it's very easy to re-lock it accidentally. There's also the main release button you usually use to take the Joy-Con off the console - you'll need to push that at the same time to separate the two. 

Even if you do get all that right it still seems fiddly to disengage the two sections without any trouble. We passed it around the office and almost everyone had to work at it a bit. It does look like things loosen up with use, but just be careful to start with, okay? 

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Leon Hurley
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