Immortal Hulk #50 is the official series finale in October

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Update: Immortal Hulk #50 will go on sale on October 13 and mark the end of the critically-acclaimed, horror-infused run by writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennett. 

The giant-sized (80-page) issue will be what Marvel calls the "groundbreaking conclusion to years of buildup, mystery, and Gamma-powered additions to the Hulk mythology."  

The final issue of the current series finds the Hulk in the Below-Place as he searches for answers to all his questions. The "dramatic ending" of the era will shed light on what's next for Hulk and also reveal the future of the One Below All, the Green Door, Jackie McGee, the Leader, Joe Fixit, and more.

Ewing calls Immortal Hulk #50 "the climax of everything we've done in this book" and a "crescendo that spans over a century and contains the answers to some of the biggest questions of the run."  

"This is how it all ends," the writer says. "And we think it'll be worth the wait."

Check out Alex Ross' full wraparound cover to the issue along with eight covers Marvel is calling 'Immortal Moments' variants covers

The variant line-up is as follows: 

  • Ron Lim depicts Hulk's discovery of the gamma-irradiated father of Del Frye from Immortal Hulk #2
  • Ed McGuinness depicts the brawl between the red Absorbing Man and Hulk from Immortal Hulk #9
  • Gary Frank depicts the climax the 'Hulk in Hell' arc when Devil Hulk tells Bruce he'll always protect him from Immortal Hulk #13
  • Carlos Pacheco depicts the debut of the Rick Jones/Abomination hybrid from Immortal Hulk #17
  • Creees Lee depicts Hulk’s first confrontation with Betty's new iteration of her Red Harpy persona from Immortal Hulk #19
  • Sanford Greene depicts the vision of Hulk’s potential future as the Breaker of Worlds from Immortal Hulk #25.  
  • InHyuk Lee depicts Hulk battle with his Roxxon-backed replacement, Xemnu, from Immortal Hulk #31
  • Finally, Jen Bartel depicts the reveal of the Devil Hulk/s true look from Immortal Hulk #38

But despite the pageantry over the end of this Hulk era, the iconic character will return in a new series by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley in the fall in which Bruce Banner discovers a "radical way to control" his Hulk persona.

Original story follows

The Hulk may be immortal, but his title Immortal Hulk is not, as the fan-and-critical darling is, as expected, now announced to end with Immortal Hulk #50.

Immortal Hulk #50 has long been believed to be the planned endpoint for the title, though series writer Al Ewing has been somewhat cagey about nailing down the specifics until now.

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"This year will see the climactic end to one of the most critically acclaimed runs in recent history: Al Ewing and Joe Bennett’s IMMORTAL HULK," reads Marvel's announcement. "Closing out this thought-provoking, character redefining epic with IMMORTAL HULK #50, Ewing and Bennett will bid farewell to Bruce Banner, the Green Door, and all the unforgettable elements they’ve cemented into the Hulk mythos."

Before #50 closes out the saga, however, August's Immortal Hulk #49 will set the stage for the big finale. Marvel has released Alex Ross's final cover for the series, along with the ominous tagline "The end is near."

"There are plenty of surprises still in store and fans will want to pick up IMMORTAL HULK #49 where the build-up to the explosive final issue begins with a bang!" Marvel's announcement continues.

That tagline, "The end is near," alludes to the title's impending conclusion, but it may also mean something much bigger for Bruce Banner/Hulk. Ewing's Immortal Hulk has centered on the idea that all Gamma mutates, Hulk included, are subject to resurrection every time they die, no matter how brutal or complete the circumstances of their demise. 

But to do so, they must pass through the Green Door, which is actually a series of portals to a dimension where Gamma radiation seemingly mixes with mysticism, and the evil One Below All lurks. Could the Green Door now be closing? If so, that would mean Immortal Hulk the title isn't the only thing ending, but the concept of Hulk's immortality as well.

"It's finally time to admit it - IMMORTAL HULK is reaching the end of the story we set out to tell,” Ewing states in Marvel's announcement. “Issue #49 brings jade-jaws to the gates of the abyss and a final accounting of his life - in time for a last issue you'll have to experience to believe."

Immortal Hulk #49 goes on sale on August 4. This presumably indicates that Immortal Hulk #50, the series finale, will be out in September, providing the title maintains a monthly schedule through the end. 

Stay tuned to Newsarama for Marvel's full August 2021 solicitations, coming later this month.

As the Immortal Hulk era draws to a close, it's a good time to look at the Hulk's most iconic personas.

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