If you need any more proof Keanu Reeves is wholesomeness embodied, just watch this adorable interaction with a young fan

Keanu Reeves
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If you've spent any time on the internet in the last, oh, 15 years, you've probably watched a video or heard a story of Keanu Reeves being wholesome. Whether it's the time he kindly gave his seat on the subway to another passenger or that one E3 where he called us all "breathtaking," the internet loves it when Keanu simply shows he's a decent human being. And now we have one of the most prime examples we've ever seen.

As IGN reports, Reeves showed up to a surprise BRZRKR signing in Los Angeles recently, and a visibly ecstatic 9-year-old fan named Noah got the chance to meet him. In this nauseatingly adorable clip, the young'un approaches Reeves and gushes, "I'm such a big fan!" The interaction that follows, well, you should really see for yourself.

So, stupid cute, right? But wait! It doesn't end there. As another Twitter account shared, Reeves went on to give young Noah the opportunity of a lifetime and actually sat down for a proper interview. "Hey everyone, Noah here, and I'm about to interview Keanu Reeves at Golden Apple Comics. It's such an honor to be here with you," Noah says as he pulls off a flawless high-five with Reeves. "You're definitely my favorite actor in the whole entire world." I can't take it anymore. My cold heart just doesn't know what to do with all this cuteness.

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