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If Steam Deck doesn't run every game, Valve considers it a "bug"

Steam Deck library
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If the Steam Deck doesn't run every game in the extensive Steam library, Valve considers that a "bug."

Yesterday on September 8, there was some debate over whether the Steam Deck will actually be able to play every game available on Steam. Specifically, CodeWeavers president James Ramey, whose company works on the Proton-based software that lets Steam games that use Linux run on the Steam Deck, claimed people were mistaken to assume the new hardware could run every Steam game.

Shortly thereafter, PC Gamer referred back to a comment made by Steam developer Lawrence Yang when the hardware was first unveiled earlier this year. "Something that we said earlier on is that we really want the entire library to work," Yang said to the outlet. "If it doesn't work we see that as a bug and we want to fix it," the developer continued.

It's interesting to note that Valve actually views the Steam Deck not being able to run every Steam game as an error. There has been a lot of doubt over the last few months as to whether the Steam Deck will be able to run popular online games like Apex Legends, Destiny 2, and Rainbow Six Siege due to their anti-cheat software, so it's a positive sign that Valve is looking into this matter, before the final product launches later this year in December.

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