I can't wait to meet fat Baby Yoshi in the Super Mario RPG remake

Super Mario RPG fat Baby Yoshi
(Image credit: Nintendo/Know Your Meme)

After 27 long years, the Super Mario RPG is back with a full-fledged Nintendo Switch remake of the original SNES classic, and all I can think about is meeting fat Baby Yoshi in HD.

The remake was revealed during yesterday's Nintendo Direct, and what little we did see of it looked very faithful to the original - right down to the character models and animations. The fresh coat of paint looks crisp and vibrant, but it's pretty clear Nintendo is appealing to fans of the original game with the remake.

That's 100% good news to me, as it suggests my favorite character will be just how I remember them, just seen through a much clearer lens. In case you aren't familiar, let me do the honor of introducing you to Baby Yoshi, whose first appearance was in Super Mario RPG way back in 1996. The adorable little dino could be found near the pile of eggs on Yo'ster's Isle, and if you give them enough cookies they'll eventually grow rotund and give you items in exchange. This right here is Yoshi's ultimate form:

Just so we're clear, Baby Fat is the official name given by Nintendo for a very particular breed of Yoshi that's separate from regular Baby Yoshi introduced in Super Mario World. This Baby Yoshi is way cuter.

The above art is actually from the game's official strategy guide, but the character model in the game essentially just looks like a pixelated version of that. I'm really hoping the HD version in the remake preserves the spirit of fat Baby Yoshi, complete with their voracious appetite for cookies. I frankly aspire to achieve the level of contentment and confidence Baby Yoshi absolutely exudes Super Mario RPG.

Not only are we getting a true-blue remake of one of the best RPGs ever (that's right), we're also getting a new Princess Peach game, a Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon remake, Super Mario Bros. Wonder which is introducing the new and highly captivating character Elephant Mario, and barring any catastrophic news from Nintendo, big ol' chonky Baby Yoshi in glorious high definition. Nintendo is feeding us good in 2023, folks.

One thing we almost certainly aren't getting is this weirdly NSFW joke from the original Super Mario RPG.

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