There's no way the Super Mario RPG remake is keeping the original's most infamous joke

Super Mario RPG Remake
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There's a joke in the original Super Mario RPG that almost certainly won't make it into the recently announced remake but is absolutely worth remembering in light of today's news.

The joke in question is seemingly very NSFW and thus not appropriate for Nintendo's consistently family friendly image of recent years. In the original Super Mario RPG, there's an item hiding in Princess Peach's bedroom labeled "Toadstool's ???", or "Toadstool's XXX" in Japan. The item is always hidden behind Mario's character model, and if you find it early enough in the game you'll be met by a panicked Grandma who offers you a Mushroom in hopes you'll forget what you saw. However, if you find the item after Toadstool joins your party, she'll reprimand you for going through her things.

It's never made explicitly clear what the item is, but most assume it's something filthy or at the very least not kid-friendly. And even if the whole thing is just a misunderstanding and the item is entirely innocent, the implication is awkward enough that only 1996 Nintendo would be so sloppy. 

To be clear, I have no confirmation from anyone that Nintendo plans on scrapping this particular item from the remake, but I'd bet quite a bit of money that it is - after all, it's already confirmed to have fixed a very subtle goof I'm surprised anyone noticed in the first place.

The Super Mario RPG remake is out November 17 for Nintendo Switch, so we don't have too long before we can find out.

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