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I Am Alive Survival trailer tackles new heights

We're not sure if Ubisoft's series of “found footage” vignettes for I Am Alive offer practical advice for real disasters, but they sure seem to offer handy advice for the virtual kind. Learn how good fitness, monster biceps, and a tendency for hoarding can save your hide in the newest “Survival” trailer:

This is the latest tutorial in I Am Alive's survival trailers. Discover the key to cracking skulls and intimidating hostiles in January's video, or brush up on the finer points of breathing fog and bartering with weaklings in December's edition.

According to I Am Alive's Facebook page, Ubisoft's apocalyptic actioneer is scheduled to shimmy, grapple, and slide its way onto Xbox Live Arcade on March 7 for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). A version for PlayStation Network is also slated for the same time frame.