Huge God of War Ragnarok patch adds long-awaited photo mode

God of War Ragnarok photo mode
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God of War Ragnarok officially has its photo mode after an extensive update that also features plenty of gameplay and technical fixes.

The free 3.00 update is now live, and will let you pop into photo mode by tapping the square button while you're in the options menu. The PlayStation Blog has a pretty extensive set of tips and tricks to get your photos looking good, plus a breakdown of the features you can use, including adjustments to field of view, focal length, camera roll, depth of field, focus distance, f-stop, and more.

But the best feature, without a doubt, is the option to add goofball expressions to Kratos, Atreus, Freya, Brok, Sindri, Angrboda, Thor, and Thrúd in any scene in which they appear. The image above is one official example of the kinds of goofball antics you can get up to. Fans on social media are, of course, already starting to plumb the depths of the expression system.

Kratos makes a sly expression in God of War Ragnarok

(Image credit: PlayStation/Zealousideal_Many215 on Reddit)
Graphics Modes

god of war ragnarok

(Image credit: Sony)

You can up the resolution of your game by adjusting the graphics settings in God of War Ragnarok to get some crisp photos

Developer Santa Monica Studio previously promised that Ragnarok would get a photo mode post-launch, though modders got it basically up and running just days after the game's release. Now you don't even have to go modding to snap selfies with Kratos and the gang.

The bug fixes and improvements in this patch are far too extensive to list here - you can check the official site to see if your pet peeve bug has been addressed. (Sadly, that one Berserker boss fight you definitely hate is seemingly unchanged.)

God of War Ragnarok fans are casting everyone from Triple H to Christopher Judge himself as Kratos.

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