I can't believe God of War fans are casting Triple H as live-action Kratos when Christopher Judge is right there

God of War Ragnarok
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God of War fans are making their castings for a live-action adaptation of the series, and while some are pulling from the world of wrestling for Kratos, the actor who plays him in the games would beg to differ.

As one fan says on Twitter, "Why is everyone saying that Triple H or Braun Strowman are two of the 'perfect' choices for Kratos in a live action project when Christopher Judge is LITERALLY THE FUCKING GOD OF WAR?!"

Judge responded to that tweet with the simple message "co-sign". Judge has played Kratos since the reboot, and that role involves a lot more than voice acting - he's been doing full motion and performance capture to bring the character to life. He's also a screen actor - best known for his role in Stargate - and he is buff as hell.

Triple H has been a popular fan casting for Kratos for some time, and his modern 'extremely buff dad with a beard' look matches the character quite well. (He's also got a longstanding interest in looking like he stepped off the cover of a metal album, which is certainly a bonus.) But while he looks good as a comparison shot against Kratos, have you ever seen Triple H try to do serious, dramatic acting? If you haven't, you do not want to.

While that first tweet mentions Braun Strowman, he doesn't seem to have been nearly as widely fancast for Kratos as Triple H. Strowman has done some mean Kratos Halloween costumes over the years, but it's debatable whether he even turns in believable speaking performances as a wrestler, never mind an actual actor.

The one knock people seem to keep making against Judge playing Kratos is that he's not white - and folks, I gotta remind you, Kratos ain't white either. He's a Greek man who's been played by a Black man since the original God of War in 2005, and you're gonna forget about his skin color real fast when it's covered in the ashes of his dead family anyway.

A God of War TV series is actually already in development for Amazon Prime, so we might see some actual casting for the role come to fruition sooner rather than later.

God of War Ragnarok is now the biggest PlayStation launch in history, and it seems the franchise can only get bigger from here.

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