How to take your PSP online with Ad Hoc Party

5) See what%26rsquo;s going down

Now we’re in a room. It’ll take a few seconds for the data to load but eventually you’ll see loads of houses and players wandering about. Each of the houses represents a group of PSP gamers who are playing together. From here you can wander around the area, use emotes, and even use text chat to see if anyone’s up for a session. As long as you and your friends have entered the same world, you’ll be able to see each other or the sessions you’ve created on this screen. Interact with the icons by pressing X.

6) Enter the mainframe

If you got here by searching (like in step 4), you’ll see one character waving at you from his house – move the cursor over the icon, press X, and select ‘Enter Room.’ to join the specific session. We’re sticking with the Peace Walker fan we followed earlier. If you prefer to host your own, press X in a blank space and click ‘Create Room’. Then enter a password (if you want a private session) and a description. Don’t forget to include your PSP’s channel number and a short synopsis of the game type. Include as much detail as possible…

7) Make some new buddies

We’re in! Pick up your PSP and search for a game or host a session. You can use your DualShock for text chat/emotes and even chat with a Bluetooth headset as you play. The colored PSP icons on the left of the screen show which PSPs are talking to each other. If yours is grayed out, check if your PSP’s Wi-Fi switch is on, and that you’re either hosting or searching for the right game. Keep an eye on the chat log for any information and play nice. Your days of lonely PSP gaming are over! Not bad for free eh?

Quick Ad-hoc Party FAQ

Above: You might even play with these girls (but probably not)

Is it really worth going to all this effort? These are PSP games after all.

In the case of Peace Walker and the Monster Hunter series, definitely yes. They’re superb in co-op, and the added voice chat is a massive bonus. We also recommend trying out Gran Turismo, Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Killzone Liberation.

Can I do this with any model of PSP?

Yes – all PSPs work fine, whether it’s a launch model or one of those new swanky Gos.

Aug 30, 2010

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