How to stream Vikings online: watch season six and past episodes

How to stream Vikings online: watch season six and past episodes
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It's been on for a while now - it launched back in 2013 - but knowing how to stream Vikings online is still as relevant as ever - and enjoyable. The show gives us a glimpse into a world of pillaging, war, and politics of Vikings, and whether you're completely new to the show or have been able to watch Vikings online since the very beginning, here's all you need to know to stream it.

Now on its sixth season and this show has been one massive ride. From the first episode, complete with gory battles and wise-cracking Vikings, the scene was well set. And for the seven years its been on TV, it hasn't lost any of its fun (yet violent) charm. And now, what with the reveal of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, interest is sure to soar in Vikings (the TV show) as well Vikings (the people and culture).

But anyway, back to the show. Unfortunately for those outside of the UK, season six is still a little way away. UK fans can now watch the first half of season six, with the other half coming later this year, most likely hitting in the last few months of 2020. For everyone else, it's currently just seasons one through five. Obviously, if you're here to stream Vikings online from the very start, it's going to be a long haul with well over 70 episodes available but with all the spare time you likely have right now, it's probably the perfect time.

Vikings follows the life of Ragnar Lothbrok and his wife as they rise from farmers through the ranks to lead his tribes. In that time they face off in countless wars, backstab each other and, well...backstab each other again.

New to the show or a long-lasting fan, here's how to stream Vikings online, no matter where in the world you live. we've listed the watching information for key countries and even how to watch Vikings if you live somewhere it isn't showing.

Stream Vikings online in the USA:

$5.99 a month at Hulu

$5.99 a month at Hulu
Watching Vikings in America will require a Hulu subscription. Luckily, the show is available on the base subscription meaning you just have to pay $5.99 to watch it. Season six is yet to air in the US though so for now you will just have seasons 1-5 available to you.

Hulu also offers its first month for free so if you're really quick, you can catch the whole show without having to pay for it. And if you're out of America when it airs, a VPN can help you watch with ease.

Watch Vikings online in Canada:

History Channel with your TV subscription

History Channel with your TV subscription
For those in Canada, Vikings can be found on the History Channel. This for most people will mean simply tuning in on your TV, depending on what kind of package you have.

Or if you want to watch it online, GlobalTV is a great online platform for watching live TV shows. You have to verify your details to sign-up, but provided you can, you can easily stream Vikings online in full.

Stream Vikings in the UK:

From £7.99 a month at Amazon Prime Video

From £7.99 a month at Amazon Prime Video
In the UK, Vikings airs over on Amazon Prime Video. This will be great news for the many people already rocking an Amazon Prime subscription.

If you don't already have a subscription to the service, luckily it is a very packed service. When you sign up for Amazon Prime, not only do you get access to Prime Video including Vikings, but you can also get next-day delivery, Amazon Music, Twitch benefits and more.

Half of the 6th season has already aired and is available to stream on-demand now, but you will likely have to wait until near the end of 2020 for the other half. The complete seasons 1-5 are available right now though.

Watch Vikings online in Australia:

From $9.99 a month at Neflix

From $9.99 a month at Neflix
In Australia, Netflix is the way to go for watching Vikings. Like most other countries, season six isn't actually available yet in Australia but seasons 1-5 are all on there. 

Netflix starts at $9.99 but you can obviously pay more if you want a better package. If you really want to watch season six in Australia before it comes to Netflix, the first half of the season is available to buy on iTunes.

How to watch Vikings from anywhere else:

Via an Express VPN sub from just $6.67/£5.50 a month

Via an Express VPN sub from just $6.67/£5.50 a month
While Vikings might not be available where you live, or you don't have as many seasons as other countries, there is always an easy way to deal with this, making use of a VPN. Buying a VPN allows you to project your IP address to appear in another country and then access that country's TV streaming sites.

By doing this you can then watch Vikings online using any of the aforementioned options but we think your best bet will be to find a US Hulu package - one that includes Vikings - and connect to it via the VPN.

But which VPN should you use? We've investigated a lot of options, compiling both best VPN and best VPN for Netflix guides. From all of those we've tested, ExpressVPN has come out as our top pick.

ExpressVPN provides a massive collection of top, reliable server locations that you can connect to in countries across the world. It also offers a number of privacy settings and security options. Plus, you can set up automatic protection on any public WiFi system, making it safer than ever to browse and shop online on the go.

Follow these simple steps to get set up within minutes to stream Vikings online:

1: Install a cheap VPN. Right now, there is an excellent offer available where you get an additional three months FREE on a 12-month package and save 49% (shorter packages are available too). ExpressVPN works on a massive range of devices like laptops, MacBooks, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, iPhone, Android mobiles and more. ExpressVPN is also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is great if you change your mind and decide the VPN isn't for you.

2: Connect to a US server. Any of the above countries will work if you want to stream Vikings online but a US server will probably work best.

3: Head over to Hulu. After you've switched your location to be somewhere in the US, simply head over to Hulu and buy its base package to get access. If you want to watch season six as well, you'll need an Amazon Prime subscription and a VPN aimed to the UK.

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