How to stream Band of Brothers: catch all of the WWII epic and also watch The Pacific online

How to stream Band of Brothers: catch all of the WWII epic and also watch The Pacific online
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It's gritty, sometimes tough, and often jaw-dropping to watch, so now is a great time to revisit a classic and stream Band of Brothers online. Just shy of 20 years old (yet only maturing like a fine wine and still holding up gracefully), Band of Brothers is one of the best wartime stories to come to our screens in recent history. 

As such, knowing how to stream Band of Brothers and its follow-up, The Pacific, is pretty essential. Based on the book of the same name - though subtitled with 'E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne: From Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest' to give a clear indication of the tale told - the TV series Band of Brothers is of the highest order, produced and adapted by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Erik Jendreson. It tells the story of Easy Company's journey from jump training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia, through the airborne landings in Normandy and into Operation Market Garden, the incredible and powerful Siege of Bastogne (part of the infamous Battle of the Bulge) and then on to the war's end, concluding with the company's seizing of Hitler's Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden. 

It's more than just an action-packed war epic, though. The experiences and moral, mental, and physical hurdles the company must overcome are central to the narrative - it tells a very compelling and human story. It was, and remains, so good, but at the time it won an Emmy and Golden Globe for best miniseries in 2001. Its sister series, The Pacific, was equally well received. Accordingly, this guide will help you watch The Pacific online too.

I've recently been revisiting some Call of Duties of recent years, and after playing Call of Duty WWII (which I am now calling 'Band of Brothers: The Game') the urge to stream Band of Brothers (which I am now calling 'Call of Duty WWII: The Game') has never been stronger. Seriously, if you're a fan of war games, and the stories of people and relationships during wartime, then Band of Brothers is the best TV series going.

Anyway, through the wizardry of technology now, we can all stream Band of Brothers from literally anywhere across the globe. And it's way easier than you might immediately think. The main way this is possible is by using a magical thing called a VPN - you'll see this mentioned throughout the guide and its mysteries will be well explained in instructions below. VPNs are a brilliant way to stream Band of Brothers and watch The Pacific online from anywhere, as they allow you to essentially disguise your location from The Internet and access everything as you would normally as if you were living in a different country. 

That's only one route you can go down, however, so check out all the native options we've listed below too. Whatever you choose, you can follow the tips on this page and be up and running in minutes.

Stream Band of Brothers - USA

Hulu / HBO | $14.99 per month

Hulu / HBO | $14.99 per month
An HBO show then, and an HBO show now, Band of Brothers is one of their biggest mini-series. As result, HBO might be your first port of call. However, we seriously think the best value way into HBO is through a Hulu package. A Hulu arrangement will start out life at $5.99 a month, and the HBO add-on is then $14.99. This is not an inconsiderable amount of money but it offers incredible bang for buck value in terms of the amount of stuff you get access to. Away from Netflix, this is our favorite TV streaming service setup. Remember, you can always drop the HBO bolt-on after you're done with it too.

If you're not a US resident and this option tickles your fancy, then you could use a VPN. This would grant you access like any other US user and get you some great access.

Stream Band of Brothers - Canada

Crave | $9.99 per month

Crave | $9.99 per month
Crave is the obvious, and best, option for our Canadian friends. As a bonus, Band of Brothers seems to be on the 'normal' package too, so you don't have to stack the more expensive add-ons. Winner.

Of course, you might want to try the VPN option if you're on the move or unable to access Crave due to pesky geography.

Stream Band of Brothers in the UK

Now TV | From £8.99 per month

Now TV | From £8.99 per month
For those in the UK, Now TV provides the best way into being able to stream Band of Brothers online. You can get a free week as a trial which will then roll on to £8.99 a month. If you want to enjoy Band of Brothers and The Pacific online in 1080p resolution - not a bad idea given this is a slightly older show - then you'll have to brave a few extra pounds a month.

But you wouldn't be unable to use a VPN either, and that could get you into any of the other options here.

Stream Band of Brothers - Australia

Foxtel | From $49 per month

Foxtel | From $49 per month
The best native option for Australian readers is the most expensive you'll find on this page: a $59 per-month Foxtel subscription. The silver lining is that there is a large amount of stuff thrown in for your money.

The best value package for streaming Band of Brothers and The Pacific online is the $59 a month deal which bags you Netflix as well - almost $60 instead of $86 isn't a bad offer. 

However, we really recommend Australian readers check out the VPN route to get themselves the best value.

How to stream Band of Brothers online from anywhere else

ExpressVPN | From just $6.67/£5.50 a month

ExpressVPN | From just $6.67/£5.50 a month
While the above native options are maybe the most straightforward for residents ion those respective nations, going for a VPN - wherever you are - means you can consider any of the above options no matter where you live. Therefore, generally if you're looking for a convenient workaround, then we would say using a VPN to bag yourself a US Hulu package with the HBO add-on is the near-best option.

A VPN - Virtual Private Network - is a 'system' that veils your PC and internet address, making you appear as if you're in a different country. Do this, and you'll have full access to content without geographical or license limitations. 

ExpressVPN is our favorite, but also one of the outright best VPNs to get. It has a large selection of reliable server locations to dial into, and it has great security and privacy options. You can trust us on this as we have tested VPNs enough to know the best VPN for gaming as well as what's best VPN for Netflix.

Here's how to get set up within minutes using ExpressVPN to stream Band of Brothers online:

1: Get a VPN installed. ExpressVPN offers great value at the best of times, but right now there is an offer that gets you three months FREE on a 12-month package, saving you 49%. This is a great value deal, and it works on any device known to man.

2: Connect to a US server. Choose a US server to connect to and you'll be up and running as if you were in the US.

3: Then head over to Hulu. Now you're set up, just head over to Hulu and shop as normal! Simple stuff.

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