How to play World of Warcraft properly

This tip goes against everything years of gaming has instilled in you. When an NPC asks you to do something, you’re usually supposed to at least skim over what he says. But as you continue playing WoW, you’ll find that just about every quest can be distilled down to the following set of tasks:

1. Click on the quest giver
2. Go somewhere
3. Click on some mobs till they die
4. Loot the items the NPC wants from said mobs’ corpses
5. Return to the NPC for your reward
6. Move on to the next quest

Above: Never read quests. Let QuestHelper’s convenient map icons and arrows show you the way

For example, you could skim the quest log to gather that you’ll need to head north to kill Mottled Boars until you find some boar meat to bring back to the quest giver. But this wastes valuable seconds! Wouldn’t it be great if someone made an add-on that shows you exactly where these Mottled Boars spawn? Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was an arrow showing you exactly where to run, telling you how far way you are from the juiciest boar spawn points?

Thanks to add-ons like QuestHelper (opens in new tab), you’ll never have to immerse yourself in a world of fantasy while playing World of Warcraft again. Its utilitarian additions to your UI will increase your questing efficiency exponentially and serves as a welcome reminder that each completed quest is just another drop in the bucket of tasks for you to work on.