How to beat Bane in Batman Arkham Origins

The first encounter with Bane

When you first square off with Bane inside the hotel, you will simply need to dodge out of the way of his charge attacks. The best way to do it is to flip up and over his head and then cape stun him from behind three times. Once he is dazed, give him a beat down. After the first beat down, he will juice up with venom, but the strategy will remain the same. Once you get his life down one-third, the battle will move outside.

Now that the battle is in a more open arena, the only difference is that he will now use a ground strike as well as have other enemies helping him. Each time you are able to stun him and then beat him down from now on, he’ll charge himself up with venom.

Once he does, you will need to do the same maneuvers to get out of the way, except at the end of the beatdown, you will then need to hit triangle+circle or Y+B to get behind Bane and grab out some of his venom pipes. You’ll need to do this a few times until the GCPD show up to end the fight.

The second encounter with Bane

For this final round with Bane in Black Gate Prison, it starts off pretty much the same as the previous battle. You will need to dodge his charges (all of his charges as he will run at you three or four times in a row) and then avoid his ground smash. Once he smashes the ground, it should clear out any enemies around him and stop him for a few seconds.

Run up to him then and cape stun him three times and then give him the beat down. Just like the last fight, once you give him the beat down, use Triangle+Circle/Y+B to pull out his pipes. Repeat this a few times and the final form of Bane will appear.

Now to fight Bane, you need to sneak around the square area and try to silently get behind him. There are grates and vents around the room that you can use easily to surprise him. When using the grates and vents to jump on his back, you can then have him run into a wall or into the electrified doors of the prison cells. Each time you have him hit one of the cell doors, you can then get an extra beatdown on him, which will take a whopping third of his life off, whereas the walls won’t do nearly as much damage.

Once you have him down to one-third of his health, a jammer will come on and you will have to look for Bane using your eyeballs. Using the floor grates is easiest for this part as you can see where Bane is without being spotted. Once you hit him for the final time, you will have a quick time event to fire the remote claw and string him up once and for all.

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