How not to be a total jerk online in SFIV

Above: If you play well as Blanka, Zangief won't be able to touch you

Time for dinner, is it? How long does it take to finish a match? 30 seconds? If you start a fight, stay in it until someone wins. Simple.

The Street Fighter Jerk will deliberately play badly in the first round. He'll drop his guard, allow you to jump in and combo... basically let you think that there's no risk in getting in close. But then, in round two, just as you approach him for another round of punch-bag abuse, he'll unleash his uber skills, painting the walls with your blood, ego and Battle Points. Yes, yes, very impressive. But we'd have more respect if you just played like that from the off. There's no shame in losing to a pro, but there is epicshame in fleecing.

Above: Note -the Street Fighter Jerk probably uses a different name

This one follows on from the last, really. The Street Fighter Jerk will leave their icon and title blank. This implies that they're either totally new to the game, or not used to games in general and haven't found the profile options.

Of course, it then turns out that they're an expert player with an obscene BP score. Who plays as Ken. Who picks a one-round win with the lowest time limit. Who makes you wait while their game loads. Whotakes great delight in mocking you throughout the match. Oh, and does THIS...

We don't mean throws as punishment for yet another dragon punch attempt, they're fine. No, what we mean is the sneakiest, most irritating tactic in all of Street Fighter. That is where you spam a move, forcing your opponent to block, and then throw them while they're blocking from the barrage. It's the most annoying technique we've faced because players who use this don't use it once as a clever surprise hit. They use it all the time.

In truth, this one has split the office. Dave H (who wroteourSFIV review) swears it isn't cheap, it's just part of the game and can be countered, whereas Brett E says he's come to actual blows over this in the arcade:

"It’s like snaking in Mario Kart – yes it’s TECHNICALLY part of the game and not cheating, but rest assured if I find you I will punch your stupid hands."

12 March, 2009

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And, apparently, in Street Fighter IV. Sort of.

As if all that lot wasn't annoying enough...

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