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How much will Age of Conan dent your wallet?

Just to prevent any potential collapsing in shock upon discovering subscription costs for Age of Conan on launch day, Funcom's revealed the full pricing structure for the MMO three weeks before release.

In the UK it's £10.34 per month - which is £8.99 plus VAT - £28.95 for three months or £53.06 for a six-month block. So obviously it works out cheaper if you pay for the subscription in three- or six-month blocks (and we didn't even need to consult our bean counter to work that out). The US pricing works out like this: $59.99 for the box(first 30 of gameplay included) and $14.99 per month, thereafter; $13.99 for athree-month block and $12.99 for six months.

Age of Conan comes out in the US May 20 and hits the UK May 23. Check out theofficial sitefor more subscription details.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 1, 2008