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How Ms. Pac-Man was made

Thirty years ago, Ms. Pac-Man was the pinnacle of arcade gaming. Countless cabinets adorned with bow-wearing circle popped up in pizza parlors and amusement parks, where many remain to this day, and they all came from factories like the Bally Midway facility depicted in this footage.

The 16 minutes of tape from canceled '80s technology series Wired In were posted on Media Burn's Independent Video Archive. The video starts about 50 seconds in, and we wouldn't blame you for skipping around a bit, as it really is just long cut after long cut of feathered-haired factory workers putting together and quality checking cabinets. But it's still a very cool look at a nigh-forgotten aspect of gaming history.

Also, you can see The Woman with the Coolest Job in the World starting at 11:30.

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