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How It's Done: Breaking down Bedlam with author Christopher Brookmyre

Bedlam takes a strange turn as far as shooters go, spanning multiple virtual worlds and styles in a connected "gameverse." Drawing from retro Quake clones and far-flung sci-fi concepts of virtual reality, Bedlam (opens in new tab) is a nostalgic trip through a possible dystopia. If it sounds like the perfect basis for a book, you're in perfect agreement with author Christopher Brookmyre, who wrote the novel - also called Bedlam - on which the game is based.

We're going full meta on this week's episode of How It's Done, playing Bedlam alongside Christopher Brookmyre, joining us as we broadcast the virtual companion to his book. He'll join us at 5:00PM ET / 2:00PM PT to answer question, but pop in early as we get a headstart on the game at 4:30PM / 1:30PM PT.

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