Hoshigami Remix announced for the DS

Aksys Games announced today that they will be publishing their first DS game, Hoshigami Remix, a remake of the game Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth for the PS1. Remix is currently set to be released this summer.

For those of you who didn't get to play the original, you control the hero Fazz, and his helpful group of turn based mercenaries. Your group is hired to protect some ancient ruins, and without giving too much away, we'll just tell you that a powerful evil begins to rise from the shadows, and it should take over 50 hours for Fazz to fight his way through the world and defeat it.

Fans of the original strategy RPG can expect some updates for the DS conversion of Hoshigami. The game will bulk up with new character missions, music, character art, introductory animation and an entirely new localization. It also will allow players to play in three different difficulty levels - we will, of course, choose the hardest - and use an enhanced control scheme that utilizes the DS interface.

Aksys began as a small group of video game professionals specializing in English translations of Japanese games. In July 2006 they announced theirtransition into a game publishing company with the publication of their first game Eagle Eye Golf (PS2). Because Hoshigami is a remake of an already existing game for the PS1, and Aksys should feel right at home revamping a game given their translating roots, we think that Hoshigamiis in good hands.

March 23, 2007