Horizon Forbidden West patch fixes Burning Shores' biggest bug

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Words of Attainment
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Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores has fixed one of its most notorious bugs.

Back when Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores DLC launched last month, some players were hit with a progress-stopping bug. When the player is tasked with 'Following Seyka Into the Tower,' a lot of players just simply weren't able to follow the sidekick, rendering them unable to progress the main storyline of Burning Shores whatsoever.

Today on May 3, developer Guerrilla has finally stamped out the big bug. Patch 1.23 is now available to download for all Horizon Forbidden West players who own Burning Shores, and as the tweet itself below announces, the "highly-requested" fix for the progress-stopping bug with Seyka's mission has finally been fixed.

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Elsewhere, a bug stopping players from completing the Aerial Capture: North side quest objective has been removed from the game. If you still need to find the locations to this activity, head over to our Horizon Forbidden West Aerial Capture West guide for a complete walkthrough of its toughest objective.

Guerrilla's patch notes also reveal the developer is investing two other quests for progress-breaking bugs: For His Amusement and Investigate the Armory. There's no word yet on when the issues with these quests are going to be resolved, but it looks like players are unable to complete both quests if they reload a save whilst completing an objective.

In fact, bug fixes for quests are the main focus of this patch. The likes of To the Burning Shores, Heaven and Earth, The Stars in Their Eyes, For His Amusement, and His Final Act have all seen a litany of fixes today. Here's hoping Burning Shores is now a lot smoother for anyone still playing through the follow-up DLC to Forbidden West.

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