Beloved romance manga Horimiya returns with a new story from the original creator and more in an all-new volume

(Image credit: Yen Press)

Popular romance manga Horimiya is returning with a brand new story from the original series creator, Hiroki Adachi, AKA Hero, in volume 17, titled A Piece of Memories. Along the new story, A Piece of Memories will also include a few "Snapshots" checking in with the main characters, and the "Hori edition" of the series finale from 2021. Publisher Yen Press made the announcement on social media.

For those not in the know, Horimiya, which has also been adapted into an anime, tells the story of the romance of high schoolers Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura who discover they each lead secret lives their classmates aren't aware of, bonding over their vow to keep each other's secrets.

(Image credit: Yen Press)

"School may have finished, but there is no end to the sweet 'awww'-inspiring tale of Hori and Miyamura! Snapshots of Hori, Miyamura, and the gang's lives; a brand-new story by the original author, HERO; and the Hori edition of the final story revealed at the 2021 traveling Horimiya exhibition have all been collected into this volume celebrating the original series's finale!" reads the announcement from publisher Yen Press, who also note that the released version of the cover, seen above, is not the final art for the volume.

The original version of Horimiya by Hero, titled Hori-san to Miyamura-kun, ran from 2007-2011. Meanwhile, a new version of the story by Daisuke Hagiwara titled Horimiya, ran from 2011-2021. This is the version that lends its title to the popular anime adaptation. At the same time, Hero revived the original version as Hori-san to Miyamura-kun Omake, which ran from 2012-2021.

Horimiya Vol. 17: A Piece of Memories was originally released in Japan in July 2023, with the new announced version being the first English language release of the volume.

Yen Press' announcement doesn't include the planned release date for Horimiya Vol. 17: A Piece of Memories.

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