For Honors 12 year journey to be made started with actual sword fighting lessons

For Honor has us excited for two reasons. A) it's a brand new IP and, B) it's got vikings, samurai and Medieval knights chopping each other up like disgruntled butchers (just check out this ultra-fierce trailer if you don't believe us). We already know how the blade system of For Honor actually works, but the game's origins are even more intriguing. In the latest issue of Edge, creative director Jason Vandenberghe explains it all started 12 years ago with a Medieval sword class...

"About 12 years ago, I was taking a course in Western martial arts," Vandenberghe says. "I was at home one day, thinking about the patterns I’d been learning, and just started thinking about controls: what if we mapped this style onto a right stick? The control scheme just clicked. I got excited, and started pitching it to anyone who’d listen". It didn't go down well: "For a decade it was just, 'No, no, no.'"

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